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The Town Council site can be easily found by searching ‘Chatteris Town Council’ or with the username @ChattTownCoun.  There, users and followers will find a link to the council’s website which gives more detailed information about the Council and its members.

Allotments: There are still a few allotments to let in Chatteris and anyone interested in renting one should contact Mrs Joanna Melton at Chatteris Town Council on 01354 695166 or e-mail chatteriscouncil@btconnect.com

Circular Walk  To see a leaflet on a circular walk around Chatteris click here Chatteris Leaflet

Noticeboard: The community public notice board, sponsored by Chatteris Town Council and Fenland District Council to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee, is in place on Jubilee Gardens in the High Street. If you would like to place a poster in the notice board please follow the advice in this document Rules for the use of the public notice board

At the August 7th 2012 meeting of Chatteris Town Council it was resolved to adopt the attached new CODE OF CONDUCT FOR MEMBERS

For Chatteris Street Pride and In Bloom Information please visit the Useful Information Page.

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4 Responses to Welcome to the Town Council Website

  1. Honor Kennedy says:

    Very Very disapointed I can find no info about the christmas tree lights turn on and events on the day.

    • The Town Clerk says:

      Hello Honor

      Sorry for your disappointment but the Christmas Lights are not the responsibility of the Town Council, they are the organised by a group of volunteers the Christmas Lights Committee.

      However, I do happen to know that the lights will be switched on at 4.30pm on Saturday on the Market Hill Gardens by a pupil from one of the primary schools, who will be accompanied by Father Christmas. There will be the usual funfair, stalls, refreshments in the church, etc.

      Joanna Melton
      Town Clerk

  2. alan kerrison says:

    Re CGR. I have not read any reason for such an ridiculous proposal. Is it just to interfere with a system that works? ‘If is ain’t broke don’t fix it’. Even letting my imagination run wild , I can think of no sensible reason for such discrepancies in size of electorates to make any sense. I will probably not be able to attend any meeting but I am definitely against such a proposal.

    • The Town Clerk says:

      Hello Mr Kerrison

      Thank you for your comment which I will pass on to Fenland District Council who are carrying out the review. The Town Council is also firmly against the discrepancies in the size of electorates for the wards.

      Joanna Melton
      Town Clerk

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