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November 2018 Minutes

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  1. Ray Williams says:

    I e mailed councillor Murphy about Furrowfields car park last month but sadly he didn’t think it necessary to reply.

    Residents living around the car park will welcome The works proposed by Gary Edwards as this venue is particularly stressful for all concerned. But I have to say the comment by councillors that road calming in Furrowfields Road is unlikely to help is unwise in the extreme. Perhaps councillors would like to visit Furrowfields Road at 10 pm most nights and witness the speed of motorists mostly boy racers.

    We desperately need Road calming between the car park and the High Street.

    I live in Furrowfields Road opposite the library an know elderly people who find crossing the road very traumatic as drivers speed around the corner from the a High Street even during daylight hours.

    Yours Ray Williams

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