How to Rent an Allotment

Chatteris Town Council rents out over 140 allotments most are situated at Honeysome Road, Chatteris.

The allotments are very popular and there is currently a waiting list, but if you are interested in renting an allotment, the cost is currently £30 per annum. (The price will rise to £32 per annum in October 2022).

If you are interested in renting an allotment, please forward your name, address and telephone number to the Clerk by e-mail:, or by telephoning 01354 695166.

At the November meeting of Chatteris Town Council, Councillors agreed that a deposit scheme should be introduced for the allotments as many are left in an untidy state at the end of a tenure.

If an allotment is in a good state the new tenant will be asked to pay a sum, equivalent to a year’s rent, as a deposit which they will get back if they leave the allotment in the same state.

If the allotment is in a poor state the new tenant will either be offered the chance to take it as it is and clean it up or pay the deposit (a year’s rent) to have it cleaned up. Again the deposit will be returned if the allotment is left in a good state.