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Festival Fun Despite the Rain

Crowds lined the streets to cheer on the parade which launched the 2014 Chatteris Midsummer Festival at the end of June.

The theme for the Festival was the armed forces and several organisations in the town dressed for the occasion in costumes depicting the Second World War. The parade took place in sunny weather and this attracted a good crowd to the Furrowfields Recreation Ground where the entrants were judged and the winners announced.

On the Festival site there was plenty to keep the crowds happy with a record number of stalls, historical re-enactments, an inspiring flypast by a Spitfire, shows for children and the latest attraction – numerous inflatables supplied by Discoveryourmojo.

Unfortunately the weather became increasingly wet during the afternoon and the crowds started to drift away. A number returned in the evening for the Party in the Park, which was moved into the marquee. Local singers and musicians entertained for six hours and showed just how many talented people there are in the Chatteris area.

Dog owners proved they are a hardy bunch undeterred by wet weather as they turned up in great numbers for the dog show on the Sunday. Once again the theme was the Armed Forces and the dog show classes included cutest cadet, loveliest land girl and coolest casualty.

The wet weather failed to abate but the hardy souls who turned out to support the Festival showed Chatteris relishes adversity and cheerfully took part in a very slippery tug of war competition and a bare foot It’s a Knockout competition when they tackled a tricky obstacle course of inflatables. Judging by the grins on the faces of those taking part and those watching the rain only added to the fun.

So despite the weather the Festival was far from a wash out and thanks must go to all those who made it possible, in particular the volunteers, Fenland District Council and Chatteris Town Council officers who worked hard all weekend.

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(Photographs available from Matt Halmshaw Photography.)

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Devilstick Peat in action at the Festival