Council Wards

The Mills

Alma Terrace, Beechwood Gardens, Blackmill Road, Blackthorn Close, Chatteris Road (Somersham), Clare Street, Eden Crescent, Fairbairn Way, Fairview Avenue, Fairview Crescent, Fairview Drive, Fairview Gardens, Fairway, Fen View, Garretts Yard, Gibside Avenue, Haighs Close, Harold Heading Close, Hinchingbrooke Drive, Hive End Court, Huntingdon Road (part), James Gage Close, Linden Drive, London Road (part), Lyons Court, Mayfly Close, Meadow Close, Millfield Close, Neils Way, Reed Close, Rosemary Lane, Salem Court, Southampton Place, Station Road (part), Station Street (part), Stocking Drove, The Jetty, The Sycamores, Vincent Close, Waterfields, West End Close, West Park Street, West Street, Westbourne Close, Westbourne Road, Whitemill Road, Willow Tree Close, Wimpole Street, York Road.


Allens Yard, Belmont Gardens, Boadicea Court, Boxing Boys Mews, Briars Close (part), Cricketers Way, East Park Street, Eastbourne Close, Eastbourne Road, Eastwood, Ellingham Gardens, Halsbury Court, High Street (part), Hilda Clarke Close, Honey Lane, Horsegate Gardens, Joshua Close, King Edward Road, London Road (part), Manor Gardens, Marian Way, Market Hill, Megans Way, Old Auction Yard, Old Forge Gardens, Park Street, Parkside, Railway Lane (part), Ronalds Way, Ruston Court, South Park Street, St Martin’s Road (part), Station Road (part), Station Street (part), The Hawthorns, The Shrubbery, Tithe Road, Tribune Close, Victoria Street, Wenny Court, Wenny Estate, Wenny Road, West Park Street, Wood Street, Woodside.

Slade Lode North

Albert Way, Angoods Lane, Ash Grove, Badney Drove, Beaufort Drive, Beckett Way, Black Horse Lane, Bridge Street (including Compass House, Quayside House and Sextant House), Chapel Lane, Cox’s Lane, Curf Fen Drove, Curf Terrace, Cygnet Drive, Dobbs Yard, Dock Road, Doddington Road, Drake Avenue, Fenland Way, Fenton Way, First Drove (Swingbrow), Forty Foot Bank, Furrowfields Road (9 to 69), George Way, Grenadiers Drive, Gull Way, Harbour Court, Heronshaw, High Street (59 – 129, 126 – 144, Pecks Court, Old Brewery House), Kempston Court, Kingfisher Close, Lode Way, Pecks Yard, Penny Lane,  Plover Close, Porters Yard, Pound Road, Quayside, Ravenscroft, Second Drove (Swingbrow), Slade Way, Tern Gardens, Turf Fen Lane, Whaleys Yard, Willey Terrace.

Slade Lode South

Ash Grove, Burnsfield Estate, Burnsfield Street, First Furlong Drove, Gipson Close, High Street (74 to 122), Honeysome Road, Huntingdon Road (just The Haven), Johnson Way, Larham Way, Lime Tree Gardens, Marritt Close, Old Station Place, Parkers Close, Quaker Way, Railway Lane (just Cranes Yard), Station Street, (17B to 77), The Grove, Treeway, Westmoor Drove, Windmill Mews.


Anvil Close, Augustus Way, Birch Avenue, Birch Close, Briar Close, Bridle Close, Block Fen, Bridle Close, Chantry Close, Church Lane, Church Walk, Curlew Avenue, Elder Place, Farriers Gate, Furrowfields Road (part), Glebe Close, Green Park, Hazel Close, High Street (part), Hunters Close, Juniper Drive, Lancaster Way, Lindsells Walk (part), Mallard Close, New Road, Newlands Road, Old School Drive, Palmers Walk, Queensway, Saddlers Way, St Francis Drive, St James Close, St Martins Close, St Martins Road (part), St Paul’s Drive, St Peter’s Drive, St Stephen’s Drive, Swan Drive, Teal Close, The Elms, The Orchards, The Pastures, Vicarage Close, Wesley Drive, Windsor Close.