Local Heritage List

Posted 02 Mar 2022

Information has been received about the recent launch of the Cambridgeshire Local Heritage List Project website. ​Home – Cambridgeshire’s Local Heritage List (local-heritage-list.org.uk)

The project is a chance for local residents to have their say and help protect Cambridgeshire’s local heritage.

The organisers are keen to find out which local heritage assets people think are important and in particular to hear from a wide range of people from across the community. There are a number of ways that people can get involved, the amount of time they give to the project is entirely flexible and up to them. Firstly, they can simply register as a user on the website and put forward their nominations for the Local List  ​How to nominate a site – Cambridgeshire’s Local Heritage List (local-heritage-list.org.uk) or they can get more involved and apply for one of the volunteer roles. ​Volunteer – Cambridgeshire’s Local Heritage List (local-heritage-list.org.uk)

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